Our top 5 picks for Lofoten

This activities are what we are most exitied about showing you guys!

Click picture to get road instructions

Click picture to get road instructions

Rolf´s Bar

Visit the “always open” Rolf Bar near Delp in Laukvika. This little hut is always open and has usually some left over drinks. A special place to visit after you´ve been out surfing.

Surf at Unstad Beach

Visit Unstad, one of the most magic beaches in Lofoten with Surf possoble all year. Best time to visit for surfing is mid August - late October. Check out Mr. Frost little surf shop at

Stay in the “Hobbit Hut” in Kvalvika

Sleep in this amazing hobbit hut built by Inge Wegge 8 years ago when they decided to built it out of driftwood. The hut is open for overnight visitors. Be sure to come early in the morning

Get hot in the Wood Sauna in Henningsvær

Try this Massiv Wood Sauna with amazing views out in the Western Ocean at Trevarefabrikken in Henningsvær.

Sleep on Top of “Festvågtinden”

Sleep outside on a clear sky night under the midnightsun at festvågtinden. Click on the image to get to google maps.